Some of the most dangerous drugs on the streets had legitimate medical uses at one time. One example is phencyclidine—or PCP for short. As of 1965, PCP is an illegal drug that doctors no longer prescribe. However, that hasn’t stopped individuals from buying it on the streets and falling victim to PCP drug addiction.

What Is the PCP Drug?

Man Ingesting the PCP DrugPCP first became available in the 1950s as an intravenous anesthetic. In the mid-1960s, the government banned the drug because it caused users to have psychotic reactions. In the 21st century, people manufacture the drug illegally and sell it as a pill, powder, or liquid.

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What Happens When People Take PCP?

People who take PCP suffer from psychotic episodes and are often disconnected from reality. The drug can distort their perceptions of sound and light. Additionally, those who use PCP usually have vivid hallucinations.

What Are Some Street Names for PCP?

Like many drugs, the street names for PCP continue to change, but some remain in use. A few examples include:

  • Lethal weapon
  • Rocket fuel
  • Angel dust
  • Supergrass
  • Peace pill
  • Cliffhanger

Buying PCP on the street is dangerous because buyers never know for sure what dealers use to cut the drug. A lot of times, they mix the PCP drug with other chemicals that cause unknown effects.

What Does PCP Look Like?

It’s hard to pinpoint what PCP looks like. In its raw form, it looks like a white powder. People usually put raw PCP into alcohol or water to drink. However, some people mix it with dyes to change its color. Then, they turn the colored powder into a tablet or put it into a capsule.

How Do People Take PCP?

How people take PCP depends largely on its form. For example, they can snort the powdered version of PCP. They can also swallow PCP in tablet form. Some people smoke and inject the drug as well.

In general, how people take the PCP drug effects how quickly and long that they feel its effects. For example, people get high from PCP faster when they inject it than when they swallow it.

Is PCP Addictive?

PCP is an extremely addictive drug. In fact, people can develop a PCP addiction after just one dose. The more PCP that they take, the more likely that they are to develop an addiction.

Once an addiction sets in, it’s hard for them to stop on their own. Usually, they seek professional help to deal with the withdrawal that they experience when they stop taking PCP.

What Are the Effects of PCP?

In low doses, PCP causes a feeling of numbness, relaxation, and euphoria. Some people also report feeling a sense of distortion and detachment from their bodies. At medium doses, they start to feel confusion and agitation. Some people even show signs of schizophrenic behavior.

At high doses, PCP becomes dangerous. People start to suffer from fever, coma, respiratory failure, and seizures. In some cases, they can have a stroke or die from taking too much PCP.

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