What has socialization taught you? As a man, you’re supposed to be stable and devoid of conflicting emotions. As a woman, you’re supposed to be constantly loving and the pillar of family support. Real life shows you that it’s virtually impossible to live up to these standards 100% of the time, particularly when you do need help. At the Serenity Lodge rehab center in California, therapists help you break out of society’s mold to get treatment.

Who Needs Drug or Alcohol Treatment?

Change Your Life at Our Rehab Center in CaliforniaAddiction treatment programs benefit Men who recognize that they have an alcohol use disorder. You drink more alcohol than you should. Once you start, you can’t stop. Worse still, you’ve experienced problems because of drinking and still can’t stop.

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Why call us?

If you’re taking prescription drugs, you may realize that you’re using them for the side effects now. In fact, you may have started to up the dose just for that reason. You may also be doctor shopping and prescription forging just to get your daily fix.

Then again, you may be using a street drug that you know is slowly killing you. It’s gotten so out of hand that you’re suffering economic losses and watching relationships deteriorate. You need to get help before the drugs kill you.

Choosing Residential or Partial Hospitalization at the Rehab Center in California

For many, a residential treatment program is the best way to avoid the stressors and triggers you see at home. Focus on your recovery now, and then handle the triggers when you feel you have more coping strategies in place.

Residential treatment centers combine an amenity-rich environment with targeted psychotherapy. The goal is to balance relaxation and stress relief with addiction treatment. Examples of effective treatments include:

To help you take the edge off and encourage sober fun, Serenity Lodge offers a broad range of amenities. After a difficult session during psychotherapy, you may feel like spending some time at the gym. Maybe you enjoy swimming in the pool. A fast-paced game of racquetball may be just what you need to burn off some energy.

For this reason, our partial hospitalization program is less popular at our rehab center in California. Although it’s suitable for Men who can’t stay away from home for a few weeks, it limits the peer interactions. You won’t enjoy the long evenings at the recording studio. You may have to give up a competitive game of basketball.

Group Therapy Fills an Important Void

Healthy peer relationships help you to stand up to society’s stigma attached to individuals in search of help. While these amenities allow for recreational camaraderie, group therapy opens the door to a more formalized approach. A therapist ensures that the group size and makeup provide the right mix of individuals. You learn from others what works during their recovery.

In the process, you also share your thoughts and experiences. For many Men, this is one of the first opportunities for healthy self-esteem building. If you’ve isolated yourself during drug abuse before, you now have a chance to undo this decision. You also regain your ability to feel empathy for others.

Group therapy also provides you with a learning opportunity that involves relapse prevention strategies. After your stay at our rehab center in California, you may want to attend 12 Step program meetings. Learning how to interact in a group setting now lets you fit right in when that time comes.

Don’t be Afraid to Reach out for Help

You don’t have anything to prove to society. Where other addiction rehab centers in California offer a unisex approach, the Serenity Lodge caters to your gender’s needs. If you’re struggling with any form of substance abuse, there’s help when you want to stop. Call (855) 932-4045 right now to find out how to get it.