Male-Only Drug Rehab Program

If you’re ready to transform your life and break ties with drug addiction, you’re absolutely ready for a rehab program. However, rather than joining a co-ed program, many men find it beneficial to stick with a male-only drug rehab program. Find out why you should consider men’s rehab and how it benefits your recovery.

Find Strength In A Male-Only Drug Rehab Program

One of the signs that you should be enrolled in a male-only drug rehab program is a desire to overcome weakness during recovery. After battling with a drug addiction, many men feel weak and vulnerable. Recovering in an environment only occupied by other men may make it easier to feel masculine again.

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In mixed environments, male clients can worry about displaying their strength, dominance or warranted anger. However, these emotions may be perfectly healthy, and a judgment-free atmosphere won’t discourage them. Men will have that in a male-only drug rehab program.

Avoid Distractions In A Male-Only Drug Rehab Program

Men can obviously interact with one another in healthy ways, but these relationships shouldn’t be a priority during recovery. In the weeks or months that male clients attend rehab, their entire focus should be on creating healthy coping strategies, developing aftercare plans and learning how to live independently from a substance abuse addiction. Just for the duration of rehab, living a life without women may encourage recovery that is free from distractions.

A woman-free environment helps patients in men’s rehab focus on:

A Gender-Responsive Male-Only Drug Rehab Program Is More Effective

Many rehab programs fail to take gender into account. Although they use evidence-based therapies, they often throw Men together in treatment. In many ways, mixed-gender rehab centers risk stunting patient’s growth. However, the addiction treatment programs in Lake Arrowhead, California offer a solution.

To begin with, men generally have different needs in recovery than women. Women who seek addiction treatment often have other issues related to past abuse and trauma. Conversely, men more frequently feel inadequate due to societal expectations that they be breadwinners. Co-ed rehab environments also distract men. People are vulnerable during the early stages of recovery, and often turn to companionship. While support is important, intimacy causes men to lose focus on their recovery.

A gender-responsive treatment program takes these concerns in mind. At Serenity Lodge, we only accept male clients into our program. Our patients are isolated during residential inpatient treatment while receiving the individualized attention they deserve. Under 24/7 supervision and away from their toxic home environments, men can truly focus on themselves.

Bond With Other Men At A Male-Only Drug Rehab Program

You’ll know that a male-only drug rehab program is the right choice if you are a social person that wants to bond with others during recovery. A single-sex space may make it easier for male clients to share personal stories during group sessions without feeling judged. In addition, many activities relating to sports, music and fitness may be easier to share with a fellow male during rehab.

At Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, California, we understand the benefits of choosing a male-only drug rehab program. Call [Direct] if you or a man you love is ready to take the next step toward rehab and a life of lasting sobriety, health and happiness.

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