Crack Addiction Signs, Symptoms & Treatment Options

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has stated that nearly 6% of all admissions in 2013 to drug abuse programs were due to crack or cocaine. The majority of individuals who seek assistance with dealing with their abusive habits for these substances often abuse them in tandem. While there are no medications currently approved to treat crack addiction, a variety of evidence-based techniques can work.

Crack Addiction Is Often About the Way It Can Make You Feel

In understanding the “why” behind individuals abusing crack, it’s important to understand the way that crack can make an individual feel. Frequently, crack allows individuals to achieve the following:

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  • A sense of escaping reality
  • Increased focus
  • An intense burst of energy
  • A euphoric feeling
  • An inflated sense of self

Many individuals become addicted to crack very quickly as the effects are often diminished after only a few minutes. This causes users to immediately take more of the substance to continue the high. Such binge-like behavior often results in tolerance, dependency, and ultimately addiction.

Crack Addiction Signs And Symptoms

In spite of what individuals may tell themselves, it’s nearly impossible to use crack casually and walk away from it. Physically, individuals abusing crack may experience insomnia, dilated pupils, twitching of the muscles, or nosebleeds.

Behaviorally, individuals abusing crack often have increased aggression and mood swings. It’s not uncommon for psychotic symptoms like hallucinations or paranoia to emerge, which can be dangerous to anyone nearby.

What Are The Risks Of Crack Addiction?

Individuals who abuse crack have a tendency toward violence. Many individuals who suffer from crack addiction often break the law, committing illegal acts to fuel their habit. With serious short-term risks including seizures, it’s absolutely imperative that individuals suffering from addiction to crack begin treatment at a professional rehabilitation facility as soon as possible.

Serenity Lodge is a full-service rehab located in Lake Arrowhead, California. Our center has professional staff members who can provide residential inpatient, intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization treatment to individuals suffering from addiction. Serenity Lodge also offers a wide range of amenities including a 1,500-square-foot gym and massage therapy room.

Crack Addiction Treatment and Therapy

After going through withdrawal during detox, the next step in crack addiction treatment is therapy. Therapy builds upon detox and physical sobriety by tackling the psychology of crack addiction.

One method in overcoming crack addiction is behavioral therapy, an evidence-based method centered on retraining the brain. Therapists help patients overcome self-destructive behavior, including their crack addiction. A second method is holistic healing, including massage, expressive arts, and meditation. Holistic methods, unlike traditional psychotherapy, involve participation in positive experiences. Creative activity allows for expressing repressed emotions and energy, while meditation helps calm the mind.

Group therapy is another important tactic in crack addiction treatment. Group therapy unites clients seeking crack addiction treatment around the mutual goal of recovery and sobriety as they work with a therapist. Therapies offered to clients at Serenity Lodge include, but aren’t limited to:

Whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, there’s no better time to begin building the necessary habits to foster a sober environment than right now. Don’t let addiction continue to rule your life. Reach out to us today at [Direct] for more information about how you can take your first step toward sobriety.

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