Drug Addiction Recovery

Men have many different drug addiction recovery options available. Intensive outpatient programs, also known as IOP, represent a flexible but comprehensive option. Take a closer look at how this option might be beneficial for men.

Understanding IOP

An intensive outpatient program doesn’t require patients to spend full days or nights on the premises. This program differs greatly from residential inpatient treatment, which is 24/7. However, IOP requires more of a commitment than general outpatient programs.

An IOP program isn’t ideal for all men. Some prospective clients, for example, will do better in a residential setting. However, certain men can thrive in IOP, and they can also attend to personal obligations during their recovery.

IOP Allows for More Flexible Drug Addiction Recovery

As previously stated, flexibility is one major benefit of IOP. Many men choose IOP for drug addiction recovery because it allows them to make time for careers, family or education. Instead of 24/7 treatment, men participating in IOP attend therapy sessions for a few hours each day or throughout the week.

The exact schedule will depend on both the facility and the guest. One example could include four nightly sessions a week for three hours. This accountability and support promotes schedule and routine, while also accommodating the rest of life’s responsibilities.

Men Attending IOP Have Access to All Therapies and Programs

While men in IOP won’t be at the facility 24/7, they can participate in many of the same key therapies without sacrificing any quality. Many accredited IOPs offer:

Minimum Sessions and Program Duration Emphasis Successful Recovery

While IOP can allow for other activities, men still need to make a serious commitment. Sessions, while flexible, are often mandatory in order for patients to continue with the program.

Also, don’t expect IOP to be a mere two or three weeks. Since it isn’t 24/7, most IOP drug addiction recovery programs last a few months to maximize the chance for sustainable sobriety and develop effective relapse prevention techniques.

Amenities Aid In Drug Addiction Recovery

Along with detox and therapy, Serenity Lodge also offers you amenities to aid in your drug addiction recovery. Drug addiction recovery needs positive coping mechanisms and structure in order to stick, and Serenity Lodge has both in spades. Rehab is the perfect time to build new healthy habits to maintain drug addiction recovery in the outside world. Drug addiction recovery starts with eating 3 nutritious meals a day. Monitoring in inpatient rehab helps you account fully for what you eat as you begin drug addiction recovery.

In our safe, relaxing environment, clients also take full advantage of amenities including but not limited to:

Serenity Lodge amenities can boost self-esteem, and provide clients with lifelong skills and habits that improve mood and cement drug addiction recovery. From sports to creative art, Serenity Lodge offers you the chance to have fun without addiction. Come find your new passion with us today!

Ready to secure addiction help in the form of IOP? Serenity Lodge in California can help you regain control over your life. Say goodbye to addiction and call us today at 855.932.4045.

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