Understanding Drug Addiction Treatment Methods

Drug addiction can is a chronic disease that often leads to relapse. Because of this, a one-time, short-term treatment solution is usually not enough for lasting change. For most, drug addiction treatment methods involve long-term processes where regular monitoring and multiple interventions become necessary.

The best treatment methods help individuals stop using drugs. Professionals tailor these methods to fit an individuals’ particular needs and circumstances.

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Drug Addiction Treatment Methods Using Detoxification

Man Who Benefitted from Drug Addiction Treatment MethodsGenerally, detoxification is the first step toward treating drug addiction. However, experts don’t recommend undergoing detox alone. Without medical intervention, self-detox can easily lead to relapse.

With help from a professionally licensed detox center, the withdrawal process is relatively easy and safe. This method provides round-the-clock monitoring to ensure Clients are as comfortable as possible.

After completing detox, a personalized treatment program continues at an appropriate rehab facility. An individual may receive a full psychiatric evaluation to determine if dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders is necessary.

Drug Addiction Treatment Methods Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Addiction treatment programs continue to help individuals embrace difficult challenges in life that led to the addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy works to change the pattern of thinking that caused an individual to rely on drugs when facing difficulties. A variation of this type of psychotherapy method is acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), which is uniquely designed to help men overcome negative feelings and thoughts.

A commitment to sobriety plays a tremendous role in teaching men how to embrace difficult situations. True recovery can only begin when men take action against an addiction.

Drug Addiction Treatment Methods to Prevent Relapse

Rehabilitation is the foundation that prevents drug relapse. Any person who reaches this point should understand that they’ve overcome a major hurdle.

Regular meetings with an addiction counselor to discuss progress can also help prevent relapsing to old behaviors. Having clear goals and a healthy mind are contributing factors of successful treatment methods. Skills learned during rehabilitation are reinforced with real-life situations.

Recovery is Possible, Even after Mistakes

If you do suffer a relapse, it doesn’t mean that your path to recovery has come to an end. You’re not the only one who goes through ups and downs. More importantly, you don’t have to go through them alone.

Located in California, Serenity Lodge offers life-changing addiction recovery resources for men. We’ve created a serene environment when men can focus solely on successful recovery. We offer private rooms and a comforting place where you can restore your dignity.

Along with proven addiction therapy approaches, we offer numerous amenities, including:

  • Meditation therapy
  • Fitness therapy
  • Racquetball
  • Golf
  • Nutritional prepared mealsal prepared meals therapy

You enter a supervised and safe treatment facility. You deserve a life free from the cycle of drug addiction. Call (855) 932-4045 to talk with our drug treatment specialists about why Serenity Lodge is the perfect place to begin your road to recovery.

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