The Pros and Cons of Inpatient vs Outpatient

In the inpatient vs outpatient addiction treatment debate, the most important factor is your readiness to succeed. The goal of rehab is to not only achieve sobriety but also learn how to maintain it. Some individuals can do well in an intensive outpatient program. Others need the full-time care and challenge that an inpatient setting provides. Which is right for you? When you determine your specific needs, you can work with professionals to determine which program is best for your circumstances.

How Therapists Craft Frameworks for Your Recovery

Group and individual talk therapy sessions are at the heart of the rehabilitation process. Experts working with you introduce these modalities under headings such as:

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These treatment options create a suitable framework for exploring the “why” behind your addiction. Doing so is instrumental to getting well and preventing a recurrence of the condition. Remember, addiction is a chronic disease, you can’t beat into submission—it doesn’t have a cure.

Inpatient vs Outpatient: Which Treatment Setting is Right for You?

The delivery vehicles for these modalities are the addiction treatment center programs. The majority of participants choose inpatient drug rehab. It allows Clients to live at the facility and immerse themselves in the serene surroundings. It also makes it possible to take full advantage of the amenities such as the gym, meditation pyramid, and hiking trails.

The inpatient setting benefits individuals who need to put distance between them and the workplace or home environment stressors. It also offers more immediate access to therapists in case of emergencies.

The next step down in intensity is the partial hospitalization program. Participants still enjoy the full breadth of modalities and amenities, but return home at night.

Intensive outpatient treatment lets you continue with work and home responsibilities. Opt for this setup when you have a supportive home environment or family responsibilities you cannot put on hold. For participants with moderate addiction problems and high levels of motivation, this setting holds a lot of promise.

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The inpatient vs outpatient debate highlights that customization in addiction recovery is an essential component for success. At Serenity Lodge, you see this concept in action on any given day. Find out how our therapists can help you stop a habit that’s been controlling every aspect of your life.

The substance abuse treatment programs we offer include the following:

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