Opioid Epidemic in 2019

The most important thing to know about the opioid epidemic in 2019 is that the overall stats are still being tabulated. Opioids are addictive and powerful painkillers available as prescription drugs. The opioid epidemic in 2019 began years before with these prescriptions. Pills like oxycodone got people hooked, and these people then transitioned to other opioids and opiates for their fix. As more and more Americans become addicted to opioids and have trouble quitting, the numbers rise. If you or a loved one struggle with opioid addiction, come to Serenity Lodge. We’re on the front lines of stopping the opioid epidemic and helping people retake their lives.

The Opioid Epidemic in 2019

The opioid epidemic in 2019 continued an ongoing, painful issue for American families. Firstly, Americans continued to die of overdoses on pills, or on heroin and fentanyl they use to replace pills. Doctors continued to wrongly prescribe over-powered opioid painkillers that have made thousands addicted. The drug companies have misled the doctors, who have mistreated the people, who are now numbers in the grim opioid epidemic in 2019.

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You Can Get the Right Program for Addiction Treatment

The opioid epidemic in 2019 was not stopped, but there is hope. By choosing a good quality treatment facility for opioid addiction, you can recover from opioids and help break the opioid epidemic. 2020 can be the year you overcome opioids and opiates to live a healthy, sober life. We have a treatment program that specifically focuses on these types of drugs. We offer therapies you can use to make sure you’re moving in the right direction. Some of the options for treatment we provide include:

A high number of therapy techniques coupled with detox and good treatment can help you get free of your opioid addiction. Our luxury rehab center can give you the kind of help and support you’re looking for. Trained staff members are here to help you, and make sure you’re getting the quality and value you deserve so you can get better. The opioid epidemic in 2019 didn’t stop, and it won’t stop unless people commit to helping the addicted and to ending their own addictions.

Serenity Lodge Can Provide the Help You Need

When it comes to getting help for an addiction, you don’t have to give up even if you’ve tried treatment before. This is a new day to get the support and guidance you need. You can overcome your addiction, and we can help you find a future that feels good to you. In recovery, you can get back to all the things that matter to you. The plans and goals you had are still out there, just waiting for you to come back to them. Contact us today at [Direct], and let us help you get started on a good quality future where you can enjoy everything that living a clean and sober life has to offer.

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