Characteristics of the Best Sober Living Environments

No matter what type of rehab experience you have, you’ll have to resume your regular life at some point. You’ll probably feel excited but anxious at the same time. You’ve made a commitment to stay clean, so what type of sober living environments are best for your continued sobriety?

Sober Living In and Out of Rehab

Learn More About Sober Living EnvironmentsWhen you stay in a rehab facility, it’s easier to stay sober because you don’t have access to addictive substances. Yes, cravings can be tough to manage, but over time, you’ll learn skills that help you deal with them. Being sober in this setting is often just a matter of not being able to use.

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You might transition to a sober living house when you leave rehab. While it’s not your home, it’s a step closer to your real life environment. While there, you may have to undergo regular testing to make sure you’re staying sober. All of this is to help your continuing recovery.

Characteristics of the Best Sober Living Environments

Whether it’s a transitional setting or your own home, you should look for certain traits in your sober living environments. This way, you’ll have the best chance of maintaining your sobriety in the long term.

Your environment should have the following characteristics:

  • Supportive people: From counselors to family members and other people going through recovery, you need a strong support system full of people who want to see you get well.
  • 100% drug and alcohol-free: There’s no room for any addictive substances in your sober life.
  • Non-judgmental atmosphere: The people around you should be compassionate and not judge you based on your dependency.
  • Peaceful environment: The more peaceful and calm your environment, the less likely you are to escape via drugs or alcohol.
  • Encouraging: Having encouragement from others can make you feel valued and loved, which goes a long way toward lasting sobriety.

Some people won’t have this support and encouragement in their home life. They may have to leave behind toxic friends and even family members. This can be incredibly difficult, but it’s an important step to take for that person’s health and healing.

Seeking Lasting Sobriety

Serenity Lodge can give you the start to sobriety that you’ve been looking for. Our rehab facility is an amenity-rich treatment center nestled on 22 acres of beautiful surroundings. We provide male Clients with the safe treatment they need in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

The addiction therapy we offer includes:

We provide aftercare that’s designed to decrease your chances of relapse. Our caring professionals may refer you to the right sober living home that keeps you on a positive path.

We want to help you overcome drug or alcohol dependency. Addiction doesn’t have to control you any longer. Call us at (855) 932-4045 today, and get ready for a new beginning.

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