Teen Alcohol Abuse

Society commonly sweeps teen alcohol abuse issues under the rug. Underage drinking may seem like a simple rite of passage. However, in reality, it’s a dangerous epidemic that claims more young lives than all other drugs combined.

The Truth About Underage Drinking

Especially for parents, underage drinking is a topic of concern. Unfortunately, it’s not possible or reasonable to supervise your teen’s every move. However, you can make a concentrated effort to protect your child from binge drinking, drunk driving and other risky behaviors.

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In recent years, underage drinking rates have slowly declined. However, the fight’s far from over. According to the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 9%, or 2.2 million, of adolescents between the ages of 12–17 admitted to recent alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is also involved in the top three leading causes of death among people 15–24 years old: accidents, homicides, and suicides.

How Professional Rehab Combats Teen Alcohol Abuse

For parents feeling helpless in the battle against teen alcohol abuse, there’s hope. Serenity Lodge in California offers effective treatment programs and tools to help fight addiction. We utilize a spiritually-oriented approach centered around the 12-Step program in order to help our Clients achieve sustainable recovery.

Following an alcohol detox at a local partner facility (if necessary), teen Clients can take advantage of

Therapy For Teen Alcohol Abuse

At our alcohol addiction treatment center, your teen receives the therapy they need to recover from teen alcohol abuse. After they go through withdrawal during detox, therapy focuses on the psychological roots of teen alcohol abuse.

One way therapists tackle teen alcohol abuse is through behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy retrains your teen’s brain to stop the thoughts and behaviors that cause teen alcohol abuse. A second method is holistic therapy, including massage, expressive arts, and meditation. Holistic healing stops teen alcohol abuse through the power of positive experiences. These holistic activities offer your teen new, sober coping mechanisms and a chance to vent repressed emotions.

Group therapy is a near-universal method for ending teen alcohol abuse, having been pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. Group therapy unites teens and a therapist around the mutual goal of achieving sobriety.

These therapies at Serenity Lodge includes:

At Serenity Lodge, clients have a safe and supportive place to rest and heal while working toward a new, substance-free life. Our experience, professional staff—many of whom are in active recovery themselves—will approach your teen’s recovery process with the utmost passion and care.

Don’t let your teen flounder in his addiction any longer. We can help him beat teen alcohol abuse so that he can get back to enjoying his childhood and exploring his full potential. For more information about our programs and to get started on the path to safe and lasting sobriety, call Serenity Lodge today at [Direct].

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