Codependency and Addiction Recovery

Often, substance abuse continues because of enablers. Unfortunately, many enablers don’t realize they’re contributing to an addiction, and users have trouble understanding their codependency. If you’re codependent, you may be hurting a loved one with a variety of unhealthy behaviors. In some cases, both the user and the enabler are codependent. By understanding codependency and how it relates to addiction, it’s easier for those in need to seek out the appropriate addiction treatment center programs in California for help.

Codependency and Addiction

A codependent person excessively relies on another person for emotional support. Often, the loved one enabling codependency has a mental illness as well. Above all, codependent people typically have childhood issues that result in unhealthy emotional clinging. If you’re codependent, helping your loved one get necessary addiction treatment is difficult.

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Often, codependent individuals experienced childhood neglect or emotional abuse. If your parents suffered from addiction, you’ll likely exhibit codependent traits. Growing up with an abusive caregiver may leave you clinging to new relationships. However, if you’re not sure if you’re codependent, look for these signs:

  • Difficulty identifying your own feelings
  • Intense fears of abandonment
  • Obsession with winning approval and validation
  • Exaggerated responsibility for another person
  • Low self-esteem

Why People with Addictions Seek Codependents

It’s common for those struggling with addiction to find codependent partners. Often, users do this subconsciously, looking for someone who will meet demands. Ideally, they search for a partner who won’t make them stop abusing drugs. The person with an addiction knows that they can easily manipulate their codependent partner.

Fear of Abandonment can Hurt the Person

Above all, if your loved one is showing signs of addiction, you need to seek addiction treatment help. Once you’ve called a rehab center, you may be afraid your partner won’t love you anymore. Having someone who needs you may make you feel secure. However, not pushing your loved one toward treatment leads to potentially fatal consequences.

Help at an Addiction Treatment Center in California

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