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The gender stereotype of today’s male is that of a stoic character who’s self-reliant and free. However, what happens when he seeks out help at drug rehab treatment centers that allow a mixed clientele? His needs collide with the perception of having to keep up appearances. Is it any wonder that more and more men are looking for male-oriented rehab facilities?

Being Yourself vs. Being Who Society’s Stereotypes Dictate

Society tells you to compete with other men, be aggressive, and show no emotions. When women are present, it’s difficult for men to break out of this rut. However, when other men in recovery surround you, it’s easy to stop pretending. You can be yourself, admit your need for help, and actively learn from your peers.

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Within group therapy settings, men often have a difficult time acknowledging emotions. When compounded by a dual diagnosis, asking for help gets even tougher. For this reason, it makes sense to seek out a therapeutic environment where you can thrive. Male-oriented residential treatment centers typically remove distractions that would perpetuate stereotyping.

Therapy At Drug Treatment Centers

One evidence-based method used at drug treatment centers is behavioral therapy. A therapist helps you understand and then change the negative thoughts behind your self-destructive, addictive behaviors. The objective of behavioral therapy is turning positive thoughts and behaviors into a habit for you to follow.

Another method used at drug addiction treatment centers is holistic therapy, which includes massage, expressive arts, and meditation. Unlike evidence-based psychotherapy, holistic healing focuses on participating in positive experiences. In holistic therapy, patients express themselves and calm their minds in order to overcome the psychological roots of addiction.

Therapies offered at Serenity Lodge drug treatment centers include, but aren’t limited to:

Male-Only Drug Treatment Centers Help Prevent Relapse

A treatment facility that caters to males must deliver on a number of promises that include:

  • Privacy due to the stigma associated with using drugs and needing help to stop
  • One-on-one talk therapy that addresses father-son relationship failures, aggressive tendencies, and sexual disconnection
  • Group therapy settings offer help with anger management and emotional isolation from others
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for depression, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, which can be instrumental in relapse prevention
  • Experiential therapies in the forms of fitness or music that allow for communication in an informal setting

If you’ve undergone rehab in the past at a mixed-gender facility, you may not have received the treatment you needed. Your attempt at getting help may have conflicted with your desire to live up to gender-specific expectations. If you’ve never sought rehab before, concerns about living up to others’ expectations may have kept you from doing so.

At male-oriented drug treatment centers, you can be at ease. Unlike generalized, mixed-gender facilities, you’ll receive specialized addiction treatment that meets your needs. Therapists work with you in a realistic manner that focuses on lifelong sobriety.

A Place for Men to Heal

Don’t compromise when you selecting addiction treatment programs that could determine the rest of your life. You owe it to yourself to put what’s important to you first. During your time at the Serenity Lodge, you work with therapists who “get” you and want to assist you. Call us today at [Direct] to schedule an intake consultation.

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