Is Addiction a Disease?

It’s difficult to understand addiction. In fact, many people don’t know the answer to, “Is addiction a disease?” Addiction is more than just a social problem. In fact, the more people know about addiction, the better they can prevent it. Understanding that addiction is a disease can also help individuals in need seek out the proper drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in California that can help.

Is Addiction a Disease?

Is addiction a disease? In short, it is. People with addiction often suffer from a mental illness as well. Many rehab centers offer dual diagnosis treatment which treats an addiction and a mental illness at the same time.

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Studies show that nearly 50% of people with addiction suffer from other chronic disorders, too. Keep in mind that addiction is incurable. However, with the proper guidance, people can learn to control the disease.

What Is Addiction?

Experts classify addiction as a psychological disease. Once symptoms take over, people have compulsive urges to seek out drugs despite the consequences. They’ll find drugs at any cost even if it means hurting loved ones.

It’s important to understand that addiction isn’t a choice. People choose to start using drugs. However, during active addiction, they lose the power to think rationally. In the end, the drug takes control of their free will.

Addiction occurs when drugs change the chemical balance in your brain. This takes place when dopamine levels drastically increase. Unfortunately, this imbalance may lead to mental disease.

Quitting Cold Turkey

Everyone has heard stories about people quitting drugs cold turkey. While that’s possible, it’s very rare. People who attempt to stop taking drugs usually fail. They have a better chance at beating addiction with the proper support.

Quitting drugs without rehab takes a lot of willpower. Even with a lot of self-control, however, people usually relapse. Once they relapse, it’s very easy to overdose on drugs.

People typically overdose because they attempt to take the same amount of drugs as when they were actively using. After detoxing, people’s bodies are no longer used to the high amount of drugs they used to consume. Attempting to take the same amount causes overdose or even death.

Fighting Back Against Addiction

Addiction isn’t a choice, but a disease. If you suffer from drug dependence, it’s important to get help quickly. At Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, California, we pride ourselves on offering quality treatment. We offer a variety of addiction treatment programs to help those struggling with a range of substances achieve their goals of lasting recovery. The programs that we offer include:

We also provide the following addiction therapy programs as well:

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