Dangers of Substance Abuse

Many people experiment with drugs and alcohol. They try different things due to peer pressure, curiosity, and other reasons. But you don’t have to let those experimental moments turn into something more serious. If you find that you’re starting to use substances, it’s time to get the help and support you need to break your addiction. The dangers of substance abuse are important to consider, and they can be real and problematic for anyone. At Serenity Lodge, we’re committed to helping people break their addictions and live a life that’s free of substance abuse, so they can have a healthy, happy future.

Make Sure You Recognize The Dangers of Substance Abuse

Too often, people try a substance once or twice and don’t expect to get addicted. But addiction can happen very quickly, and can be hard to break once it occurs. Substance abuse affects your mind, body, and social life negatively. As you continue your substance abuse, these effects get worse. Socially, for example, addiction can rob you of your family, friends, and employment. These social effects act as a vicious cycle that drives you towards even greater substance abuse. Furthermore, social isolation and substance abuse can spark or exacerbate mental illness. Co-occurring mental disorders are a common problem for substance abusers, a problem that needs dual diagnosis treatment to be fixed.

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Physically and mentally, the dangers of substance abuse often vary by substance. Marijuana, for example, is less swift and severe in its addictiveness and negative effects than heroin. Alcohol causes a different high and different withdrawal symptoms compared to cocaine. Oftentimes, the major differences in the dangers of substance abuse comes during recovery. Some substances, such as opiates and especially benzos, have more severe withdrawal symptoms. The physical and mental withdrawal timelines vary substance by substance, and require specialized treatment.

Overcome The Dangers of Substance Abuse Through Treatment

The best way to stop the immediate dangers of substance abuse is through treatment. Addiction treatment centers offer both detox (the purging of the substance from the body) and rehab (the post-detox program aimed at tackling the causes of addiction). At Serenity Lodge in Lake Arrowhead, California, we offer a wide spectrum of treatments aimed at stopping the dangers of substance abuse. Some of the programs and therapies we offer to help you in your recovery include:

Having choices is a good thing when it comes to getting help. Recognizing the dangers of substance abuse matters, but that’s not enough — you also need to be able to avoid those dangers or break free from them. A good quality drug rehab program can do that for you, so you aren’t trapped in a cycle of addiction anymore.

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