Types of Addiction

When discussing the various types of addiction, most people immediately make a mental list of drugs. Examples might include cocaine and heroin. Keep in mind, however, that the substance abuse is just a symptom of other underlying problems. For more on how substance addictions affect Americans, check out the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

What Is an Addiction?

Therapists understand an addiction to be a brain disease. Progressive in nature, it typically affects the pleasure center of the brain that regulates dopamine release. This neurotransmitter makes you feel good, euphoric, or somewhere in between. Usually, people manipulate it with chemicals—but not always.

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What applies to any type of dependence is a lack of control. In spite of promises and good intentions, it’s not possible to curtail the craving. In some cases, the disease leads to legal, health, and relationship problems. Because of its chronic, progressive nature, it takes professional assistance to overcome the illness.

Different Types of Addiction

Substance abuse is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing addictions. Substance addictions run the gamut from legal substances like alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs, to illicit substances like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. At Serenity Lodge, we treat a wide variety of substance addictions, starting with detox, continuing with therapy, and ending with your recovery. Substance addictions treated at Serenity Lodge include but aren’t limited to:

However, men can become addicted to other things as well. Known as process addiction, men can also develop uncontrollable urges to shop, gamble, and have sex. The compulsive nature of the behaviors renders the victim incapable of controlling the urge to engage in the activity. Impulse control problems lead to financial ruin, health challenges, and relationship difficulties.

Although there are clearly different types of addiction, many of the side effects are the same: self-imposed isolation, loss of relationships, loneliness, and the potential for co-occurring addictions follow.

Customized Addiction Therapy Offers Help

Because of the broad range of addictions men currently experience, customization of any rehab is a fundamental component of healing. Adding a gender-specific therapeutic element can make a significant difference in the quality of the experience. Examples of process, drug and alcohol addiction treatment modalities include:

Overcome Various Types of Addiction

If you’re a man seeking addiction recovery, customized addiction therapy is the precursor to sustainable recovery that can last a lifetime. Isn’t it time to reclaim the driver’s seat of your life? At Serenity Lodge in California, caring therapists understand your situation and offer you help. Reach out to us today at [Direct].

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